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Vidimo Se U Citulji 20 Godina Posle Pdf 49

Vidimo Se U Citulji 20 Godina Posle Pdf 49

Vidimo Se U Citulji 20 Godina Posle (See You in the Obituary 20 Years Later) is a documentary film and a book that explore the lives and fates of some of the most notorious gangsters from Serbia in the 1990s. The film and the book are sequels to the cult classic Vidimo Se U Citulji (See You in the Obituary), which was released in 1995 and exposed the brutal underworld of Belgrade during the Yugoslav Wars.

The film and the book are based on the research and interviews of Vojislav Tufegdžić and Aleksandar Knežević, who also directed and produced the film. They revisited some of the surviving characters from the original film and showed how they have changed over the years. Some of them have left the criminal life and tried to start over, while others have remained loyal to their old ways. The film and the book also feature interviews with journalists, police officers, lawyers, and relatives of the gangsters, who share their perspectives on the rise and fall of the Serbian mafia.

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The film and the book offer a rare and fascinating glimpse into a dark and violent chapter of Serbian history. They offer a candid and unfiltered look at the consequences of crime, violence, and war on individuals and society. They also challenge and provoke, expose and question, entertain and educate. They are not only documentary works, but also historical documents, social commentaries, and cultural phenomena.

The film was released in 2015 and has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised it for its authenticity, courage, and insight into the Serbian society and culture. Others criticized it for its sensationalism, glorification of violence, and lack of objectivity. The film has also sparked controversy and debate about the role and responsibility of the media, the state, and the public in dealing with the problem of organized crime.

The book was published in 2015 and contains more details and information about the gangsters and their activities. The book also includes interviews with some of the people who were involved or affected by the events depicted in the film. The book is available for download in PDF format from various online sources . The PDF file has 49 pages and can be accessed by clicking on the links below:


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