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Fly or Die Cheat Guide: How to Get More Speed and XP in

no darkness [q], health warning [z], shuffle emotes [e], autorespawn [x], autoskilluse [c], boost [press f], constant height fly [r], zoom [scroll], delimiters [v]. this script is kinda like a cheat or a hack at some points but not really cuz u die anyway :p enjoy and have fun with other players!

flyordie hack

Download Zip:

at this time, there is no fly or die xp hack available. the only working script is a speed hack, which we explain in great depth during this guide.does fly or die cheat engine workno,cheat engine does not work with fly or die. the cheat engine software only works with single-player games and wouldnt do anything within flyordie. we tried it out; the only thing that happened was that google chrome said there was an error. it then forced me to reload the game.are there any fly or die glitchesas far as the community is aware,there are no working fly or die glitches. however, players can hack the game using scripts to add speed cheats and other learn more about fly or die scripts, read the above article.

if you are looking for script, then you are in the right place. the script will only work on the current version of the game. in case you are playing on google chrome, then you can simply download the script in google chrome store using the url below. you will have to sign up for an account in the store to use the script.

install this flyordie hack in firefox or chrome and allow it to run. you will see some settings in your browser menu. you need to click on the allow button and once the download is complete, you can also enter in the settings.


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