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[S2E1] Arts 'n' Crass

A few days later, at arts class, DeFoe surveys her students posters: Upchuck has produced an elaborate painting portraying him with a nice a car and two female companions. Brittany presents a simple poster advising against the use of drugs. As to Jane, she presents the painting of a beautiful young woman smiling at a mirror... and a small poem revealing the girl is bulimic. DeFoe is first uneasy about the poster but changes her mind and accepts it when Jane and Daria explain that its purpose is to show that the prettiness of the girl comes at a price.

[S2E1] Arts 'n' Crass

Denise - and the rest of the gang - are back for Season 2. (Photo: Courtesy of (C) Laurie Sparham/BBC 2013 for MASTERPIECE)Last season, on The Paradise: Country girl Denise arrives in an unnamed, purportedly cosmopolitan town that somehow only seems to have one street where stores are located. She starts working in a posh department store called The Paradise and falls in love with its charismatic, exceptionally close-talking owner John Moray, who is of course, involved with the posh and snotty Katherine, for reasons that are never made clear except that she has a lot of money and keeps harassing him about getting married. 041b061a72


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