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Best Car Buys 99 Cents Down

Another retailer where I had success cracking the code was at Pier 1 Imports. Thanks to a helpful employee I was able to decipher the price code structure and what you need to know to get the best deal possible. Here is how it breaks down at Pier 1:

best car buys 99 cents down


The power of "9" isn't restricted to the cents column, as Anderson and Simester illustrated by asking a national clothing catalog to increase the price of one of its dresses. "You'd generally expect demand for an item to go down as the price goes up," Anderson and Simester wrote. "Yet in our study involving the women's clothing catalog, we were able to increase demand by a third by raising the price of a dress from $34 to $39. By comparison, changing the price from $34 to $44 yielded no difference in demand."

US network providers CBS and NBC offered discounts on their respective on-demand services, too. On Paramount Plus you could save 50% on its annual plans, while Peacock TV went down from $4.99 a month to just 99cents.

SCOTT HORSLEY: For most of the summer, consumers in America were insulated from the soaring cost of crude oil. Oil prices jumped by $20 a barrel between May and October, but at the corner gas station prices fell by about 45 cents a gallon. So if consumers weren't paying the higher oil prices, who was? Refiners. During the springtime, when supplies of gas were tight, retail prices were high and oil refiners enjoyed record profits. By early October, there was plenty of gas in the pipeline and that glut pushed refiners' profits and retail prices down. Analyst Lysle Brinker of the research firm John S. Herold says the drop in refinery profits more than offset the rising cost of crude.

Mr. KAMAITIS: Absolutely, and I've got signs all over the car that sort of - I get stopped at the lights all the time. And the best thing is I'll get the horn, someone beeping, and before I realize I haven't like made a wrong turn or something like that, I'll roll down the window and look at them and usually they'll say, is it really true? Is it really true? Because the license plate says, yes, it's a diesel and it's running on vegetable oil. 041b061a72


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