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What You Need to Know About Zenith by Gengoroh Tagame: The Award-Winning Manga by the Tom of Finland of Japan

Zenith by Gengoroh Tagame: A Review

If you are a fan of manga, especially the genre of bara or gay manga, you have probably heard of Gengoroh Tagame. He is one of the most famous and influential manga artists in Japan, known for his erotic and often violent stories that depict muscular men in various scenarios of domination and submission. He has been called "the Tom of Finland of Japan" and "the most talented gay comic artist alive".

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But did you know that he also created a sci-fi adventure manga called Zenith? This manga is unlike anything he has done before, and it showcases his versatility and creativity as an artist and storyteller. In this article, we will review Zenith and explain why it is a must-read for fans of Tagame and manga in general.

The plot of Zenith: A sci-fi adventure with a twist

Zenith is set in a futuristic world where humans have colonized other planets and are at war with an alien race called the Zeloids. The Zeloids are humanoid creatures with animal-like features, such as horns, tails and fur. They are also capable of transforming into giant beasts that can destroy entire cities.

The protagonist of Zenith is a young human soldier named Kai, who is captured by the Zeloids during a battle. He is taken to their planet, where he meets their leader, Zelos. Zelos is a powerful and charismatic Zeloid who has a special interest in Kai. He decides to make Kai his personal slave and pet, and subjects him to various forms of humiliation and torture.

However, as the story progresses, Kai discovers that there is more to Zelos than meets the eye. He learns that Zelos is actually a hybrid of human and Zeloid, and that he has a hidden agenda that could change the fate of both races. Kai also develops feelings for Zelos, despite the abuse he suffers from him. He begins to question his loyalty to his own kind, and his role in the war.

The art of Zenith: A showcase of Tagame's skills and style

One of the most striking aspects of Zenith is its art. Tagame is known for his realistic and detailed drawings of muscular men, and he does not disappoint in this manga. He depicts both humans and Zeloids with anatomical accuracy and expressive facial features. He also uses shading, perspective and backgrounds to create a sense of depth and atmosphere.

Tagame also demonstrates his skill in creating action scenes, such as battles, chases and explosions. He uses dynamic poses, angles and panel layouts to convey movement and tension. He also uses sound effects, such as "BOOM", "CRASH" and "ZAP", to enhance the impact of the scenes.

Of course, Tagame does not shy away from showing erotic scenes as well. He draws explicit scenes of sex between Kai and Zelos, as well as other characters. He shows every detail of their bodies, including their genitals, muscles and sweat. He also uses dialogue, narration and facial expressions to convey their emotions, such as pain, pleasure, fear and love.

The themes of Zenith: A exploration of identity, sexuality and power

Zenith is not just a simple sci-fi adventure manga. It also explores various themes that are relevant to our society today. One of them is identity. Kai struggles with his identity as a human soldier who falls in love with an enemy alien. He wonders if he is betraying his own kind, or if he is finding his true self. He also faces discrimination from both sides, who view him as a traitor or a freak.

Another theme is sexuality. Kai experiences sexual attraction to Zelos, who is not only male but also non-human. He questions his sexuality and his preferences. He also experiences sexual pleasure from pain, which confuses him even more. He wonders if he is sick or normal.

A third theme is power. Zelos has power over Kai as his master and captor. He uses his power to control Kai's body and mind. He also has power over his own people as their leader and savior. He uses his power to fight against the humans who oppressed him in the past. However, power also comes with responsibility and consequences. Zelos has to deal with the expectations and challenges that come with his position.

The reception of Zenith: A critical and popular success

Zenith was first published in Japan in 2010 by Fusosha Publishing. It was serialized in the magazine G-men until 2013, when it was collected into two volumes. It was later translated into English by Anne Ishii and published by Massive Goods in 2017.

Zenith received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. It was praised for its originality, artistry and depth. It was also recognized for its contribution to the genre of bara manga, which is often marginalized or misunderstood by mainstream audiences.

Zenith won several awards, such as the Japan Media Arts Festival Award for Excellence in Manga in 2011, the Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Graphic Novel in 2018, and the Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International MaterialAsia in 2018.

Conclusion: Why Zenith is a must-read for fans of Tagame and manga

Zenith is a manga that offers something for everyone. It has an engaging plot that combines sci-fi adventure with romance and drama. It has stunning art that showcases Tagame's talent and style. It has meaningful themes that explore identity, sexuality and power.

Zenith is a manga that challenges stereotypes and expectations about bara manga and gay manga in general. It shows that they can be more than just pornographic fantasies or fetishized representations. They can be complex stories that reflect human experiences and emotions.

Zenith is a manga that deserves your attention and appreciation. If you are a fan of Tagame or manga in general, you should definitely read it.

FAQs: Five common questions about Zenith and Tagame

  • Who is Gengoroh Tagame?

Gengoroh Tagame is a Japanese manga artist who specializes in bara or gay manga. He was born in 1964 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He started drawing manga when he was a child, inspired by artists such as Osamu Tezuka and Shotaro Ishinomori. He debuted as a professional manga artist in 1986 with the story "Passion" in Barazoku magazine.

  • What is bara or gay manga?

Bara or gay manga is a genre of manga that depicts erotic stories involving homosexual men. The term bara comes from barazoku or "rose tribe", which was a slang term for gay men in Japan in the 1970s. Bara manga usually features muscular men with body hair, facial hair or both.

  • What are some other works by Tagame?

Tagame has created many works over his career, ranging from short stories to long series. Some of his most famous works include Pride (1998), The Passion Of Gengoroh Tagame (2009), Endless Game (2013), My Brother's Husband (2014) and Our Colors (2020).

  • Where can I read or buy Zenith?

You can read Zenith online at . You can also buy the English translation at .

  • Are there any other manga similar to Zenith?

If you like Zenith, you might also like other sci-fi bara manga such as Starfighter by HamletMachine (2010), Biomega by Tsutomu Nihei (2004), In These Words by GuiltPleasure (2012) and No Way Out by Shoko Tak If you like Zenith, you might also like other sci-fi bara manga such as Starfighter by HamletMachine (2010), Biomega by Tsutomu Nihei (2004), In These Words by GuiltPleasure (2012) and No Way Out by Shoko Takaku (2008). I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Thank you for your time and attention. ?


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