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What Is New In Windows Phone 8.1 €? The Best Bits

For the uninitiated, you draw a snaking line over the letters in a word (in the right order, naturally) and the phone works out what you were trying to type by cross-checking the places your thumb/finger slowed down or stopped with the internal dictionary. It works well, and will seriously speed-up typing for most people.

What is new in Windows Phone 8.1 – The Best Bits

There are a ton more features both for consumers and developers in Windows Phone 8.1. There is a lot more to come, and this article only gave a taste of some of the best bits that I find the most exciting.

As always, it's fun to have a look at what Windows on phones would have looked like if Microsoft had actually tried. Indeed, the platform failed for a number of reasons, but a key one was that the Redmond firm really never put its full weight behind it. In a two-horse race between three companies with seemingly limitless resources, the two that won were, unsurprisingly, the two that were willing to prioritize their mobile platforms over their desktop platforms.

That's why it's so interesting to see an internal build of Windows on phones from 2018. From what we saw on the outside, Microsoft had just thrown in the towel. If you're a fan of the platform, it's fun to see what could have been, but it's also a bit depressing.

New storage settings make it easier to free space on your phone and manage temporary files. A category view enables you to see what is taking up space at a glance. Each category also has a shortcut to a related page or hub for managing those files (e.g. Photos hub for photos). This new feature is Microsoft's equivalent of Nokia's storage check settings module.

Windows phone 8.1 has no functionality beyond what is loaded in the phone now. The 8.1 store is shuttered so you cannot download any apps to the phone. In order to be able to download anything to the phone you need windows 10 mobile.

OK, I see what you are saying, my wife had loaded her phone up with everything she needed before the 8.1 store closed and it has all continued to work, I have done the same with my 950XL and hope the same will apply when they do eventually close the WP10 store. I still have a fully working Shazam on my 950XL and 950 even though its not available in the store any more

If you recently bought a system with Windows 10, but your purchase is outside the warranty window, then your next best option is to manually downgrade, if your system supports it. Here is what you need to do, to determine if you can successfully downgrade:


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