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Personality Theories by Barbara Engler: A Review

Personality Theories is a textbook that provides an introduction to the major theories of personality in psychology. The author, Barbara Engler, is a professor of psychology who has taught the undergraduate personality theory course for 25 years. The book is now in its eighth edition, which was published in 2008. The book covers the psychoanalytic, neopsychoanalytic, interpsychic, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, trait, and Zen Buddhist approaches to personality. The book also includes criteria for evaluating each theory, biographical sketches of the theorists, and applications of the theories to assessment, research, and psychotherapy.

The book is organized into four parts: Part I covers the psychoanalytic approach, with chapters on Freud and Jung; Part II covers the neopsychoanalytic approach, with chapters on Adler, Sullivan, Horney, Fromm, Erikson, and Maslow; Part III covers the interpsychic approach, with chapters on Rogers, Kelly, May, and Frankl; and Part IV covers the cognitive-behavioral-trait approach, with chapters on Skinner, Bandura, Mischel, Eysenck, Cattell, Allport, and McCrae and Costa. The book also has a final chapter on Zen Buddhism as a non-Western theory of personality.

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The book is written in a clear and engaging style, with examples and illustrations that help the reader understand the concepts and theories. The book also has several features that enhance the learning experience, such as learning objectives, key terms, critical thinking questions, personal experiences exercises, summaries, and references. The book also has a companion website that offers additional resources for students and instructors.

Personality Theories is a comprehensive and accessible textbook that introduces the reader to the fascinating field of personality psychology. The book provides a balanced and critical perspective on the strengths and limitations of each theory and its implications for human behavior. The book is suitable for undergraduate students who are taking a course on personality theory or who are interested in learning more about themselves and others.

If you want to read this book online or download it as a PDF file, you can find it on Google Books or Internet Archive . However, please note that these sources may not have the latest edition of the book or may have some errors or omissions. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy or borrow the original printed version of the book from a bookstore or a library if you want to get the most accurate and complete information.


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