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Farming Simulator 2013 Lan Multi

The first mobile Farming simulator to feature online multiplayer was Farming Simulator 14. However, it worked differently to the PC version as unlike the PC game you cannot leave you vehicle, this meant all players were only represented by the current vehicle they where inside.

Farming Simulator 2013 Lan Multi

Even with the latest multicore processing power, some systems require more processing power than what is available in a single chassis. To address this challenge, you can use distributed processing techniques to meet the performance requirements of these systems. In very high-channel-count systems, the need is more than simply additional processing power, additional I/O is also necessary. In contrast, systems using large, processor-hungry models often use additional chassis only for the extra processing power, allowing those processors to remain dedicated to a single task for greater efficiency. Depending on how the simulator tasks are distributed, it may be necessary to provide shared trigger and timing signals between the chassis as well as deterministic data mirroring to allow them to operate cohesively.


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