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Couple Promise Rings Set and their meaning

It doesn't need to be a wedding with wedding rings to show the connection with your partner. Unique partner rings can suffice. They are a great way to display the uniqueness of your relationship just as beautifully. Find out what the partner rings are and when you can wear them.

What's the significance of partner rings?

Partner rings are jewelry pieces that can be worn together by partners as a symbol of their bond. They can be worn by non-married couples at any time and replace wedding and engagement rings. Rings worn by partners remain a symbol of your special relationship even after you've said yes.

Rings of your partner can be worn as jewelry that is temporary in the event that you decide to wed later.

What is the meaning behind partner rings?

Partner rings signify the deep connection that exists between you and your partner. You don't need to be married to wear matching jewelry. You can wear rings for your partner without the need for a marriage certificate or wedding. It's entirely up to you whether you buy the rings for you and your loved one and give them as a present or choose to wear the pair.

What is the difference between the partner rings and wedding rings?

The only difference between wedding and partner rings is the guarantee they signify that when you wear wedding rings, you wear them at your wedding while you say "I do". Wearing partner rings doesn't require a wedding ceremony - they are able to be worn without having a marriage certificate.

There's usually some extra effort when it comes to choosing wedding rings since you've probably planned your wedding for many years and didn't want to leave the choice of rings to chance. You also knew when you were engaged that you would require your wedding ring by a certain date - the date of your wedding.

You can also purchase and wear a partner ring on the spot with no reason. There is no need to prepare and there isn't a specific date by which the rings should be ready to wear. Rings for partners are in a way the "less complicated" version of the couple rings.

What types of partner rings are available?

Basically, any rings can be used as a partner ring. What you and your loved one love can be worn as an earring for a partner. Find out what kinds of materials and designs are available for your partner rings and engagement and wedding rings.

Gold Partner Rings

Gold partner rings are an iconic. They can be timeless yellow gold, elegant white gold, modern red gold or soft rose gold, gold is sure to be the right shade for every preference. Gold looks stunning with a variety of engravings or stone settings.

Titanium partner rings

Titanium is a unique material for wedding rings. Perhaps that's the reason why it's extremely popular for partner rings. Titanium partner rings are a real eye-catcher, with their dark gray hue.

Rings made of tungsten to help partners

Tungsten is darker than titanium, and is more robust, but it is not break-proof. It isn't often used for wedding rings, but it could be the perfect choice for your partner rings. The rings of your partner made from tungsten are undoubtedly special pieces of jewelry.

Partner rings with engraving

The engravings on your partner's rings will make them distinctive and personal. You can immortalize a favourite quote, your loved one's name or a phrase on your partner's ring with laser engraving.

Which side do you wear your partner ring on?

Which hand and which finger do you put the ring of your partner on is dependent on you. While in Germany and Austria the wedding ring is worn on the right hand and the engagement ring is placed on the left hand (although this isn't an official rule or law in this area neither) You can let off steam with the partner ring. Whichever hand you prefer the ring is worn where it feels most comfortable to wear it, and where you think it looks the best.

Who pays for the rings?

You can decide (together) on who will purchase the rings, since partner rings are not pieces of jewelry bought with the intention of a wedding. You can either purchase the rings on your own and give them to your loved ones the rings, or you go looking for matching rings together. You can decide to pay for the purchase by one person, or both.

The meaning of partner rings

Partner rings are a wonderful way to show your connection with your partner. You don't have to be married to wear the same pieces of jewelry to show that you both belong together. Choose unique partner rings or surprise your sweetheart. We hope you enjoy wearing your partner rings!


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